Aqua Filling

ABOUT Aquafilling®

Women are always charming and beautiful. Natural traits, interweaving in never-ending harmony, make each of us fascinating.

However, beauty has one ancient enemy, leaving its tracks everywhere… and this enemy is time. With time, beauty fades as a lovely flower, leaving behind only memories… But not for you!

Aquafilling® will remove all the tracks of time from your face and restore your natural beauty! You will be young and beautiful, lovely and charming as before! Your beauty is living with you!

Aquafilling® – your beauty is living…


Aquafilling® is a soft tissue filler, manufactured in accordance with the original technology Aquafilling®

 That is the technology of Aquafilling® gel production, based on the synthetic polyamide of spatial structure tied with hydrogen links. The last ones have an important influence on the structure and properties of polymer molecules. Thanks to this structure, Aquafiling® gel is highly compatible with human tissues. Parallel polymer chains are linked by multiple hydrogen links formed between carbonic and amino groups. The presence of a great number of active carbonic groups gives positive charge to the polymer molecule, thus providing high hydrophilicity and water solubility.



Aquafilling® is a hydrophilic gel that creates the depot of physiological 0,9% sodium chloride solution embodied in a three-dimensional spatial molecular structure of linear polyamide based on the multiple hydrogen links between carbonic and amino groups.




Using Aquafilling® you will have a natural look with a long-lasting effect and without any side effects. Aquafilling® is compatible with other dermal fillers, so it can be administered at one anatomical area in case of insufficient or step-by-step correction.


Aquafilling® gel is a highly elastic gel which degrades slowly and provides for high effectiveness.

The effect in the facial areas is visible immediately and lasts more than threeyears.

The effect in breast augmentation lasts more than five years.


Aquafilling® gel fully corresponds to the internal medium of the human organism, which significantly minimizes postoperative and concomitant effects.

Aquafilling® provides high safety: there is no migration of the gel, no inflammations or fragmentations in the injection site, no infiltrations within the zone of injection.

Such side effects as redness and swelling often observed after injections with the hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are very rarely observed after Aquafilling® gel injection.

Aquafilling® gel is not a foreign agent inserted into the facial areas and soft breast tissues, – it is a natural substance in the form of hydrophilic gel. Thus rejection will not occur, and as a result, no complications during post-operative period and a fast return to normal social life.

Aquafilling® gel has two main safety benefits

concerning its influence upon the human organism, namely:

  • non-carcinogenic
  • non-teratogenic

Aquafilling® is compatible with other dermal fillers previously injected. It can be administered at one anatomical area in case of insufficient or step-by-step correction.

Aquafilling® is a highly elastic hydrogel that allows the use of thin needles and does not require preliminary anesthesia of the injection site. Gel easily flows into the skin and provides a virtually painless procedure for the patient, after which he or she can return to his or her normal social and business life – no recovery time. And no matter, he does breast enlargement, fights with facial wrinkles or nasolabial folds.