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  • SRBPRAS – Serbian association for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery
  • ASPS – American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • ISAPS – International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
  • BAPRAS – Balkan Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
  • IPRAS – International Confederation for Plastic Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery
  • ESPRAS – European Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
  • Serbian medical association
  • SRB SAPS – Serbian aesthetic surgeon association

Vein Surgery

Laser vein surgery represents the most modern method treatment for varicose veins.
The advantages in regard to other methods are numerous, primarily because the operation is minimally invasive, practically painfree and patient can return very quickly to it’s daily activities. There is no visible cuts on skin and the intervention is under the local anesthesia.
Whole procedure lasts for 45 minutes.


Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction is non-invasive procedure for removing local fat layering from various parts of the body and it represents revolutionary leap in remodeling and skin tightening.


Hemorrhoid Laser Surgery

LHP (laser hemorrhoidoplasty) or laser hemorrhoid surgery uses gentle luminous energy for coagulation of hemorrhoidal lumps, third and fourth stage of hemorrhoidal disease and in some cases even second stage of hemorrhoidal disease.
Procedure takes place under general anesthesia and implies endoluminal coagulation of hemohhroidal lumps with help of laser and without skin damage and mucos membranes damage.
The surgery lasts for about 45 minutes, recovery is quick, the pain is minimal and patient can return very quickly to it’s daily activities.

Nose Correcting Surgery

Nose correcting surgery (RHINOPLASTY) is a surgery done when there is a need for corecting deviation of nasal septum which can cause breathing disorders as well as to enahnce appereance by correcting size and shape.
Surgery covers resizing expressed nasal brigde, correction nasal curves, changing the size of the nose, changing the shape of nasal tip, changing the width of nostrils as well as the corner between the base of the nose and upper lip.


Correction of Upper and Lower Eyelids

Correction of both upper and lower eyelids (Blepharoplasty) is one of the most common interventions in aesthetic surgery procedures.With the aging process, skin loses it’s elasticity, especially in the eyelid area, for it being the thinniest in that area. Loss of skin elasticity leads to forming wrinkles around eyes.Excess skin in the form of ‘bags’, wrinkles or ‘pads’ appears on the eyelids over time which gives the face that tiring look. Correction of eyelids is surgical intervention performed to remove the extra skin and fat off both upper and lower eyelids.


Migrain Surgery

The purpose of the migrain surgery is to reduce or remove pain and frequent headaches.Migrains can be linked with compression and iritation of sensory nerves and blood vessels in head area.
When this compression points release throughout surgery procedure, the seriousness of migrains can be reduced or be removed completely.


Soft Tissue Tumor Removal


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